About Us

Our Mission

In the founding of MindCare as a professional counselling and development service, we place people’s wellness at the core, believing that a competent business is the totality of every energised individual at work.

We develop professional and quality services that care for the “self” holistically and address psychological wellness in four major aspects : self-awareness, self-care, self-efficacy, and self-advancement.

We bring together expertise in different areas of psychological counselling, meeting the needs of people from all walks of life, in different life stages and at different parts of the world.

Our Objectives

We aim to serve the Chinese Community worldwide with 3Cs, 3Ps and 4Ss.

MindCare Professional Team

Our team is led by a Registered Counseling & Educational Psychologist with over 30 years of counselling experiences.

All members have recognized relevant academic qualifications and professional qualifications in psychological counseling, and are registered members of local and internationally recognized professional bodies.

Team members come from different backgrounds and have their own expertise. They have a good understanding of the workplace culture and challenges of people from different walks of life, meeting various needs of service users.

What is SPECIAL about us?

1.Provision or Worldwide Psychological Counselling Services

Our professional team members are located at different parts of the world. They have good understanding of the local communities and resources which will be highly useful when helping local clients, particularly people who may have newly migrated and are not familiar with the new places or have adjustment difficulties.

2. Serving the Chinese Community worldwide

Our professional team members are all Chinese in origin and are bi-lingual or tri-lingual. Most of them have resided or studied in other countries and have good understanding about the difficulties that the Chinese community may face living as a minority in a foreign country.
As it may be difficult to find professional counsellors in overseas countries who can speak the same language and come from the same country of origin, we aim to make psychological counselling available to the Chinese community wherever they are.

3. Addressing Current Counselling needs
Interpersonal difficulties

Social issues
Social distancing /family tension due to COVID-19

Anxiety due to uncertainty

Job and financial insecurity
Socio-political uncertainty

Health and aging

Increased number of serious physical and mental illnesses
Issues relating to aging population, e.g. carers’ stress

Change of envriormentwork arrangement

Adjustment to migration to a new counstry or adaptation to the rapidly changing work arrangement, e.g. digital transformation, managing staff virtually, work-home boundary