Our Mission

We aim to serve the Chinese Community worldwide with 3Cs, 3Ps and 4Ss.


Our Team of Professional Staff including Psychologists and Counsellors strive to provide a comprehensive range of services to the community with CARE, COMPASSION and COMPETENCE. We care about the psychological well beings of people and we aim to make mental health services accessible to the Chinese Community in every corner of the world.


Professionalism, Proficiency and Performance are the three key competitive edges that make our services stand out from others.
Our team of staff are fully trained with professional degrees in Counselling Psychology or Counselling. We have expertise and skills in a wide spectrum of areas meeting various counselling needs of clients.

We work with high performance and we strive to provide the best care to people seeking for help and With the support of a strong team of staff, we make our online counselling services accessible to people at anytime and anywhere.


We have developed a holistic and comprehensive model for our psychological counselling service – the 4S Model :


We uphold the core counselling values of client-centred, empowerment and personal values and we aim to develop the potentials of individuals to the fullest through the four aspects.