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Tsoi Shim Kuen, Jane (Taiwan)

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Fri 10am-1pm
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Jane began her blessed journey as a psychotherapist since 2008. She trusts that everyone has a healer within, and her role is to facilitate and empower clients to heal from their past and trauma, and thus return to their authentic selves and create their lives anew.

Jane takes particular interest in trauma healing and personal growth. Her therapeutic approach is integrative and holistic. She is certified in multiple healing modalities including EMDR, brainspotting, schema therapy and somatic experiencing. She practises mindfulness and meditation daily to prepare herself for the best good of her clients.

Jane’s clients find her knowledgeable yet genuine and compassionate. They enjoy her sessions that are calming and insightful. Her therapy is said to be highly effective.

Jane studied psychology and counselling in Chicago, Cambridge and Hong Kong and she loves working with clients from different cultures. In her leisure time, she practices Qigong, dances and writes articles to share insights into parenting, personal growth, and wisdom of living.

Cantonese, English, Putonghua
Academic Background:
Bachelor in Psychology (University of Chicago)
MPhill in Developmental and Social Psychology (University of Cambridge)
MPhill in Developmental and Social Psychology (University of Cambridge)
Professional Training:
Eriksonian Hyponosis & Ego State Therapy
Somatic Experiencing
Brain spotting
Schema Therapy
Family Centered Therapy
Professional Status / Membership:
Certified member of EMDRHK
Certified MBTI & MMTIC practitioner
Working Experience:
PolyU student counselling 3.5 yrs
Lingnan student counselling 1.5 yr
CityU student counselling 3 yrs
Private practice since 2020
Expertise /Interest in Counselling:
Parenting, work stress, mental health issues, acute and complex PTSD, mindfulness