Concerns About Emotional Health

By Winnie Lee

Concerns about emotional health
Most people face some degree of stress, anxiety, fear and even depression during part of our lives. These feelings are in fact normal responses to life-changing experiences.

When we are facing changes in our lives, particularly big and unexpected changes like serious illnesses, unemployment, deaths of family members, we might feel the loss of control over life events, and will automatically have a lot of negative emotional reactions. We might fear death, suffering, pain, or feel anxious about all the unknown things that lie ahead. Emotional distress may lead to other symptoms affecting our physical health, cognitive functioning and behaviors.

The importance of seeking help early
Although emotional distress is commonly experienced by people in part of our lives, it should not be neglected and underestimated the negative impacts on us. Untreated emotional distress might further deteriorate and develop into more serious problems:

1. Psychological problems like anxiety disorder, panic attack, depression or even psychotic illnesses.
2. Physical problems like fatigue, muscle tension, pain, loss of appetite, insomnia or excessive sleepiness, and sexual problems.
3. Cognitive problems like a decreased ability to concentrate, difficulty making decisions, memory problems, and negative thoughts (including thoughts that life is not worth living or of hurting yourself, in extreme situations).
4. Behavioral problems like loss of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, frequent crying, withdrawing from friends or family, and loss of motivation to do daily activities.

All forms of emotional distress are treatable and the early the better. Through psychological assessment and counselling, we enquire about your psychosomatic symptoms and evaluate your psychological health like your mood state and daily functioning. The distress is often managed by psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of the two treatments.

Proper treatment of emotional problems can improve a person’s quality of life, building the emotional and physical strength, and increase one’s a person’s ability to live a better live.