Winnie Lee, Founder of MindCare worldwide e-connect Psychological Counselling Services for the Chinese community

15 November, 2022

With great enthusiasm, we welcome the commencement of the ” MindCare worldwide e-connect Psychological Counselling Services for the Chinese Community”. Recalling that when I immigrated to another country more than 20 years ago, I couldn’t find any psychological counsellor who could speak Chinese. Even if I could talk to a local therapist in English, there was a lack of understanding of the cultural background and the difficulties of immigrating to another place. I deeply realized the need to develop counselling professionals who can speak a common language and have the same cultural background.

In recent years, the movement of population has become more and more global, and Chinese people are all over the world. Difficulty in adapting to the new environment has become a common problem. Due to differences in the culture, language and living conditions. new immigrants often experience difficulties to integrate into the local community. Some people may even have emotional problems and social or interpersonal barriers. In recent years, the world has also been affected by the pandemic, which has caused many people to feel anxious and even depressed. The demand for psychological counseling has increased significantly.

Based on these pressing problems and needs, we established the MindCare Online Psychological Counselling Services to serve the Chinese community around the world. We place people’s mental health at the core of our services and promote the importance of mental health, making the support of psychological counseling services accessible to the Chinese living in different places.

The professional counselling team of MindCare brings together professional expertise and experiences in different fields of psychological counselling, and is committed to providing high-quality and comprehensive services with “Care”, “Compassion” and “Competence”. Our services stand out on three key competitive edges: “Professional”, “Proficient” and “Performance”; striving to provide the best possible care for those seeking help.

We sincerely hope that our services can grow and develop so that we can benefit more Chinese who need psychological counselling. We believe that as long as we uphold the spirit of serving our clients whole-heartedly, and drive on our uniqueness and the advantages of having the same cultural background and languages, our services will excel and our missions will be achieved.