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Feedback from Service Users

The Counselling Experience of a Breast Cancer Patient

When I was diagnosed of having breast cancer, it was like the end of the world to me. My mind went blank, became confused and I could not accept the illness. The following two weeks was a real torture to me: feeling deeply upset, depressed and hopeless, thinking that I was going to die. My family took me to see the Counselling Psychologist.
Out of my expectations, psychological counselling has brought a lot of changes in me. I became more hopeful and optimistic about my illness and was willing to take actions to help myself recover. Through counselling, the psychologist allowed me to explore deeply into my underlying feelings. I realized that my fear, sadness and even anger actually reflected the strong sense of responsibility and love inside me. I love my family dearly and I don’t want to leave them. I have a strong passion for life and I have a great desire to live on. This realization helps me overcome the illness and find the purpose for living. I have found my new life!

The Counselling Experience of a Service User with Anxiety Disorder

My emotions are easily disturbed and I often feel anxious and agitated. Even with minor things like when friends did not reply my WhatsApp messages timely, I would feel very restless and tense, worrying something might have happened. At times, my emotions would become overwhelmed and I feel highly stressed, even in a panic state with fast heart beats and breathing difficulty and I am suffering.
Through psychotherapy, I understood that my anxiety has become an automatic reactivity as I have been under this mental state for a long time. However, this situation can be improved through mindfulness practice and psychotherapy. Through these clinical intervention, I became more aware of my emotions. When I noticed that I was starting to feel anxious, I immediately noticed changes in my body sensations. Through focusing on breathing and anchoring on my body, I learn to self-regulate my emotions and become more grounded and relaxed. These practical treatments are really very helpful to me. Now, I am not afraid of anxiety anymore because I know how to cope with it.

The Experience of a Service User Under Work Stress and with Physical Pain

Long term work stress has brought me a lot of physical illnesses. I often have severe pain on my shoulders, back and the waist. I rely on long term medication to help ease the pain but I am still suffering a lot in my daily activities due to physical pain and I feel very agitated and depressed.
The counsellor is empathetic and fully understand my suffering. She patiently helps me understand the relationship between my mindset and the physical pain. Through counselling, I changed my mindset gradually: from strong resistance to acceptance, from self-dislike to self-compassion. I learn to take good care of my body and my emotions and magically, my physical pains heal gradually. Now I realize the importance of our mindset or psychological state and the close connection between mind and body. I am really grateful to the counsellor for helping me!